Preschool Information

St Peter Preschool 

At St. Peter Preschool we believe:

God, Creator of all life, calls us to provide a loving, nurturing environment for young children.  Therefore, we strive to create a learning environment where the child interacts with other children and adults in an atmosphere of Christian respect, concern and cooperation.

We believe:

The family initially develops the values and attitudes whereby a young child knows God, accepts himself/herself, relates to others and responds reverently toward the environment.  Therefore, we strive to collaborate with parents to provide a quality Catholic experience for learning, loving and Christian living.  

We believe:

Learning experience and play activities encourage and promote spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth and development.  Therefore, we establish a preschool program that promotes the desire to learn in solitude and with others about God, about the world, about others and about themselves.

The child should:

1. Become aware of the fact that he/she is a child of God and will grow in God's love.
2. Develop a positive self-image and acknowledge his/her self-worth.
3. Develop basic social skills.
4. Increase independence.
5. Develop a trust in adults other than his/her parents.
6. Enjoy being part of a group and accept the need to share and cooperate.
7. Respect the rights of others and defend his/her own rights.
8. Develop the desire to learn.

St. Peter Preschool is fully licensed by the Ohio Department of Education.  In-service and supervision is provided by the Office of Catholic Education of the Cleveland Diocese.  A child must be four years old by September 30 to be accepted into the three or five day preschool, and three years old by June1 for the two day preschool program.


ADMINISTRATOR:  St. Peter Preschool is administered by Chris Lackney.

TEACHING STAFF: The preschool teachers plan and guide the learning time during the day.  They are assisted by aides to allow each child sufficient supervision and quality attention.

The curriculum  follows the Preschool guide of the Diocese of Cleveland.  The program promotes the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth of young children.  Multi-sensory activities that enhance the total development of the child is planned in a sequential manner that follow a theme or unit.  Components include religion readiness, language development, math readiness, motor skill development, personal-social guidance, art, music and play.

Parents are encouraged to keep in direct contact with the preschool staff and be present for all parent activities.

St. Peter Preschool will follow the St. Peter School  calendar as closely as possible.  When Lorain City schools close or delay opening due to inclement weather, St. Peter's Preschool and Child Care will also be closed.
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